About us

DCU’s core mission is to transform lives and societies through education, research, innovation and engagement. DCU Press, Ireland’s first Open Access University Press supports this mission. The Press is a joint initiative between DCU Library and the University’s Office of the Vice-President, Research and Innovation.

In support of the principles of open research and supporting innovation in publishing, DCU Press provides free, immediate global online access to all its publications. Print copies will be available for purchase by individuals or libraries via a print on demand (PoD) service.

Manuscript proposals will be reviewed by the DCU Press Editorial Board in the first instance. Proposals and manuscripts deemed suitable will be evaluated through a rigorous independent peer-review process managed through the Editorial Board. All recommendations to publish will be submitted to the Press Advisory Board for final approval.  

The DCU Press Editorial Board

Professor Maura Conway, School Law and Government, DCU
Professor Derek Hand, School of English, DCU (Chair)
Professor James Kelly, School of History and Geography, DCU
Professor Dorothy Kenny, School of Applied Languages and Intercultural Studies
Alex Kouker, Humanities & Social Science Librarian (Secretary)
Professor Gerry McNamara, DCU Institute of Education